Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Life in Instagram, December 2012

My creation, originally uploaded by Scarlett Design.

Top row:
Panzer and his favorite toy, which has since been destroyed and thrown out.
Christmas lights, one of the streets in our neighborhood goes all out, so we like to walk the dogs here during the holidays
Interesting design on a cut glass plate
Spiced Rum and Hot Apple Cidar, Yum!

Middle Row:
Pulled Pork Sandwich and Mac' n Cheese at Pierce's Pitt, probably the best BBQ I've ever had
Ceramic Christmas Tree, hand painted by my aunt. It was nice to have to remember her during the holidays.
Candy cane striped candles
Chewie, taking a nap on the couch in my office while I work

Bottom Row:
Pretty late afternoon sky
The beach on a stormy day, we were lucky to be able to get out between showers
Sunset over the Chesapeake Bay
Chewie and Panzer, tired after a long walk


  1. Love your instagram of your life in December, beautiful pictures! Looks like it was a great month, happy and festive! That last picture of the tired out dogs, so cute!

  2. Great collection! All the sky photos are so different and beautiful!