Tuesday, January 1, 2013

52 Photos Project: All is Calm

Mallow, originally uploaded by Scarlett Design.

To photograph this week's topic, "All is Calm," I went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens with the intention of finding something "calm" to take a picture of. I figured it would be easy, but I found myself stuck, perhaps because my brain was getting in the way, unable to find exactly what I was looking for. All the while I was enjoying having the garden mostly to myself on a remarkably still, peaceful winter day. It wasn't until I got home and began editing my photos that I found this shot, of some dormant mallow along the edge of a pond, that seemed to epitomize the feeling of walking in the calm, empty winter woods.

I really am in love with this photo, even if it was more of a challenge than I expected. It is easy to take a pretty picture of flowers in the summer, but for some reason I am more drawn to the desolate beauty of winter.

1 comment:

  1. It is a gorgeous shot. Maybe the calmness is in the actual experience of you being there almost alone, wandering amongst the gardens?
    Happy New Year!