Monday, February 15, 2010

Project 365

I didn't manage to get my photos for last week posted, so here is the first of a 2 part post to get caught up with project 365. I also plan to photo and blog some knitted items I finished recently, and a new illustration of a lunar moth, so check back often this week!
39/365: This week I've been working on adding new items to my shop, including this pendant.

40/365: My boyfriend and dogs heolped with this photo, by chasing the seagullls so the flock took off for my picture. He pretends to think I'm silly to take a photo everyday, but I can tell he really enjoys helping me.

41/365: Some marsh grasses. I'm happier with this photo than I thought I would be. I wasn't very happy with my pictures for the day, and this one definitely got some help from the black and white.

42/365: More new stuff for my shop. My "Chickadee" illustration as a note card.

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  1. This card is so petty--I love the color and the cute little bird. And I love your crochet ideas, too!