Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Project 365

I couldn't post all my photos for project 365 yesterday, because blogger only allows 5 photos per post. So here are the rest of my photos to get caught up.
44/365: Today I have an illustration to share, not a photo. This is my "Lunar Moth" illustration, which I started on Friday and finished Saturday

45/365: Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. One of the trails leading to the beach.

46/365: I should have posted this on Valentines' Day, but I'll post it today instead. I love the red color, so bright and cheerful. I asked my boyfriend not to get me roses, and he didn't. He got my this potted tulip instead. I think its much nicer, it won't die in a week.

47/365: Its an Apple Cozy! I'm not the type to cove everything I own in crocheted cozys, but these are seriously cute.


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  2. I love that Luna moth! It's one of my very favorite insects.

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