Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New England, Finally

I finally have a cable to connect my camera to my computer. I never found the old one, but did eventually accept it is gone forever and replaced it. So, finally, are some photos of my trip to New England from several weeks ago.

This is a view from my families oceanside cottage. It rained, but I didn't mind because I love watching the waves during a storm. And, living in Virginia Beach, I didn't go to Massachusetts expecting great beach days.

These are some wildflowers in a park near my parents house. I love the vibrant yellows and purples

I also had a chance to go sailing. I love how the rigging in the photo above frames the channel marker. Below is the moon rising behind us as we got into the marina.

Typically whenever I go to New England, I don't get the chance to take many great photos, since I'm there to visit family. Its always really great to see everyone, but between traveling to New Hampshire (another several hours north from the Boston area) to see my boyfriends family, and trying to find time for all my family and friends its always pretty hectic. Someday I would love to take a month in the fall and just spend the time driving around, hiking, and photographing.

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