Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Norfolk Botanical Garden

I still haven't found my camera cable, so instead of blogging my recent trip, new socks, or new scarf, I found some photos from last month that I haven't posted here or on flickr yet. Although the goal of my trip on that particular day was to photograph some water lilies and butterflies, I found several other interesting subjects as well.

I'm not sure what the proper name of either of these flowers is, but I've always called the yellow ones "Black Eyed Susans." I love the cheerful color, perhaps thats why my mother considers them one of her favorites. And I have no idea what the flower below is, but I thought it had an interesting shape and colors.

Rather than be chased away by a storm, I decided to stay and watch from the shelter of a covered patio. It was a great storm with lightning. And fortunately fast moving. I love the pastel and lack of focus the rain creates on objects in the background.

After the rain, I noticed some water running down a hill over some concrete making an interesting pattern. In this photo I removed the color and increased the contrast to better emphasize the ripples.

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