Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Autumn" Illustration

I just added some new cards and art prints of an illustration I made last fall. I'm really happy with the finished result, so I wanted to share my process.

I began with the photo above. I took this 3 years ago hiking on one of my favorite trails in the White Mountain National Forest, NH. I have always loved the composition of this photo, but I've never been happy with the colors and exposure. Using the same technique I used here, I traced the photo.

I was very happy with the black and white line drawing, but I wanted to try adding color. So I traced my line drawing (I didn't want to ruin it) and began coloring it with markers. At first I thought I hated to color version, but as I got closer to finishing it I decided I actually love it. And I've had the original hanging on my bedroom door since I completed sometime last fall.


  1. I love it too and all of your other art work.

  2. I love both the versions !
    The coloured one makes me think of Tiffany's stained-glasses ...
    Impressive !
    x x x