Friday, April 4, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival

Last year I unintentionally caught the end of the cherry blossom bloom in Washington DC. There were only a few trees still had flowers on them, but I decided I would try to see them again when they were in their peak bloom. So, now that I live in Virginia I'm actually close enough to DC to just go for a day trip. And a few days ago I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon wandering around DC looking at Cherry Blossoms. They really are as pretty as I had heard. I was afraid I would get there and be like "Oh wow, it a bunch of trees!" By walking through East Potomac Park, as well as the Tidal Basin, I was able to see a variety of trees, as well as avoid most of the crowds. I saw several people waiting 30 min for the next bus instead of just walking.

Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake, as some point I accidently changed one of the settings on my camera, and several of my shots came out overexposed. It was a minor error, I still had plenty of great shots to choose from. But a few shots I expected to come out great were just way too light. With editing software I can still use them in my own albums, just not professionally. Lesson learned, I'll stop and look back though my photos more often. At least I didn't ruin all my shots, and at least it was just a day trip, not a whole, expensive, vacation.
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