Monday, March 24, 2008

New Spring Tote

I am the worst refashionista ever (well maybe not ever, I at least haven't bought any new clothes), and this is my first post, even though I am more than three weeks into the wardrobe refashion.
This weekend I made a new spring tote bag. I based the design on a tote bag I already own (Its the perfect size, but after three years I'm sick of it) and several tutorials I read online. I'm planning on getting a PDF of instructions and photos on my blog in the next few days.
I love bright colors and bold patterns for spring and summer, even if other people do think they're cheesy. The outside of the bag is made from a dishtowel I got at Crate and Barrel, which was stiff enough that I didn't need to use interfacing.

With the lining fabric I also made a detachable wallet to go inside my tote, or to be carried on its own as a small clutch, a cocktail napkin, and a headband (not pictured- its just a tube of fabric with a ribbon attached to each end to tie behind my head), and I have a few small scraps to use for quilting. Not bad for only half a yard of fabric.


  1. Cute with the grapefruit pattern!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to when my friends start having babies! I think I'll probably say something stupid, like, "You got to be kidding me! Why??" :D


  2. when can we look forward to the tutorial on the bag?

  3. I'll get that up on Monday or Tuesday 4/1

  4. I am anxious to see the lessons on this bag. I really enjoyed your blog.