Monday, November 12, 2012


Our friends in Montana had cows on their property (not their herd, but leased to a neighbor). They were surprisingly entertaining. Everyday they would slowly migrate from one end of the field, near the well, down the valley towards the house, and then back again. At the same time everyday. Some of them were skittish, but others had no fear of humans at all, and even seemed interested when I moved closer to take pictures. We even had to be careful when riding the ATVs, because they wouldn't try to move away until we right near them, and they didn't pay any attention when we walked the dogs (although we found out pretty quick that cow poop is a tempting treat and we shouldn't walk the dogs in the cow field)

Do you see the different colored cow? It was a bad cow. It belonged to a different herd but kept coming back.

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  1. I love those photos in black & white. That's so funny about the different colored cow! =0)