Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Washington DC

Here are some of the highlights from last weeks trip to DC. Looking at my pictures I can't believe how much we did in 3 days, no wonder I was so lazy this weekend!
An interesting metal tree in the National Sculpture Garden

The Watergate Hotel, taken from a boat ride on the Potomac.

The Lincoln and Washington Monuments, also from the boat ride.


The Washington Monument

The White House

The US Botanic Garden, one of the many Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall

I especially like this part of the garden, because it is all plants native to Virginia

My favorite shot, of the Capital. I'm always amazed by how pretty the building is, probably because I generally think of it as housing Congress, and not of the actual architecture.


  1. Lovely pictures! I went there on vacation with my husband and 5 kids a few years ago....we had a great time.

  2. The tree sculpture is just stunning,
    and the photos are wonderful!

  3. What a gorgeous time of year to go! Great photos!