Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365 (or 353?)

Earlier this week I decided to do Project 365 this year. Only because I started late I don't have photos for the first 12 days of the year. Every Sunday I'll post my photos for the week here and on my flickr.

13/365: My mom's birthday socks. I wanted to blog these as soon as I finished them, but I had to wait until she opened them. I used the Chouwa pattern from "Knitted Socks: East and West" and the yarn is Paton's Kroy Socks in Bronzed Berry.

14/365: One of the Pendant necklaces I made this week by altering store bought pendants to include miniature versions of my illustrations and photos.

15/365: Photographing into the sun is generally considered a "don't" but sometimes it can get great results when its done deliberately. I took this in a stand of bamboo in a park near my house, then desaturated it and upped the contrast.

16/365: I don't have a photo for yesterday; instead I have an illustration. I drew this Chickadee sitting in Winterberries yesterday afternoon, and it went surprisingly quick. Its rare for me to do an entire illustration in one sitting, but this one only took 3 hours. And I love it!!

17/365: Some seagluss at the boat launch in First landing State Park. Today was foggy and rainy, but sometimes bad weather presents great photo opps. no harsh shadows and interesting depth of field.

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