Saturday, May 23, 2009

Etsy Faves, 5/23

I'm very exited that I've been featured in a treasury for the first time!
My fern frond notecards have been included in mysticwynd's treasury, "With fronds like you...Who needs anemones?"

And here are my favorite Etsy items this week:

Top Row: Cameo from The Green Squirrel, scarf by Beautiful Bridget, Clams by Go Buggy
Bottom Row: San Francisco notebook by Art Shark, ceramic pod/bowl by River Valley Crafts (not actually an Etsy seller), Red Glass sculpture by Margie McNutt
Its interesting that every time I make one of these mosaics, I wonder if all the items will look good together, and even when they are very different, somehow they always make a nice grouping.


  1. Hi! Thanks for featuring my organic glazed ceramic pinch pot. My etsy site will soon be up, though I don't yet know what the name will be. Those interested can always find me here:

  2. Hi! Thank you for featuring my Tangled Glass Sculpture on your great blog! Margie McNutt, you can find me on Etsy at