Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Normally, I make many, many hats during the winter. But this year I'm more into scarves. Perhaps because I seem to be more into crochet than knitting at present, and I don't usually love crochet hats, or knitted scarves (its the right side, wrong side thing).
Scarf Version of Doris Chan's Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw from Interweave Crochet Fall 2008. I also made one in red, but sent it off to my cousin for Christmas. Made with Red Heart Designer Sport, not awful like the much hated Super Saver, and quite nice after its blocked. I made this as an extra Christmas gift, just in case I forgot someone, but I'm so glad I get to keep it for myself.
The blue scarf is the Bruges Lace Scarf by Annette Petavy for Interweave Crochet, Fall 2008.  Made with Bernat Satin Sport, I'm quite liking this yarn. The other scarf is a short row scarf I made with one skein of hand dyed wool I bought at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest in October. Because I'm a bad blogger I accidently threw out the label and I can't tell you who made it, but I do know that the dark brown dye is from walnuts. I was on the fence about spending more money (I had already bought some alpaca that day), but once I found out the dye was from natural items I really felt I needed that yarn. I chose to make a short row scarf because I didn't want anything too simple, and an overly complicated pattern would be wasted on variegated yarn. As it is, I love the way the colors pool and stripe in the scarf. Also, although I don't generally like the wrong side of knit scarfs, I love the way stripes look on the purl side (you can probably view it better on my flickr).
This scarf is a very late Christmas present for my Grandfather. I had difficulty deciding on what to make. I knew I wanted to give him a scarf, but most scarf patterns are either boring or girly. I finally just started making these circle motifs then joined them together and added a border. I know its kind of "modern" but hes an artist so I'm thinking he'll appreciate it. Even though the finished scarf is a bit wonky, even after I blocked it, I really like it. I'm considering making some similar scarfs to sell in my Scarlett Made shop next fall and winter.
Is everyone else itching to get back in the garden? I have some indoor herbs to pot, and I've already started buying seeds in anticipation. These are corn, cilantro and LUFFA!! Did you know luffas are a gourd? Of course it makes sense, I just always assumed they were from the ocean or something, but I'm super excited to grow them.


  1. Now, I'm impressed !

    All I can knit are scarves ... But not that kind ! The regular "knit-one-purl-one" skinny kind of scarves !
    I love skinny scarves but ... I'd love to know how to knit things like these !!!


  2. Thanks, its actually pretty easy with a little practice.