Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free Tote Bag Pattern

A while ago I had promised to put a free tote bag pattern on this blog, and I finally have. This is a great all day bag, with plenty of room for all my stuff and anything I might buy. The great botanical print fabric for the pockets is actually a tea towel I bought on sale at Crate and Barrel.

2 pieces (1 of fabric, 1 of lining) 14x6 (bottom of bag)
4 pieces (2 of fabric, 2 of lining) 14x12 (long side of bag)
4 pieces (2 of fabric, 2 of lining) 12x6 (short side of bag)
2 pieces coordinating fabric 14x10 (pockets)
2 pieces coordinating fabric 4x20 (straps)
optional: iron on interfacing, 1 piece of 13x5 plastic or cardboard

1- cut out pieces, apply iron on interfacing to the main fabric (not lining or pockets) if desired
2- hem top of pockets, by folding over ½”, twice then sewing in place
3- sew straps by folding in half with right sides together and leaving a ½” seam allowance, turn right side out, and top stitch along edges
4- attach pockets, long sides of bag, and bottom of bag together, make a sandwich with the right sides together and the pocket in the middle (right side facing bottom) sew along both edges of bottom, leaving a ½” seam allowance
5- attach short sides of bag, starting with the bottom, right sides together and ½” seam allowance, then attach the short sides to the adjacent long sides
6- make the lining for the bag following steps 4 and 5, except no pocket and leave one of the short sides unattached to the bottom (this hole will be used to turn the bag right side out)
7- attach the bag to the lining, after pinning the straps in place between the bag and lining (with right sides together) leaving approx 1 ½” hanging out. Sew around top of bag, leaving ½” seam allowance
8- turn bag right side out, and if desired insert a piece of plastic or cardboard into the bottom, then sew up the hole in the lining
9- top stitch around the top of the bag ¼” from the top and again 1” from top



  2. It's in the cutting Anonymous. Cute. Might try it when I get some time. Thanks!