Monday, January 5, 2009

Angle of View

Most of the time when I shot photos for a day I come home with at least one shot that I'm really happy with, but there is still alot of room for improvement. Recently I've been revisiting one of my more useful books, the "Photo Idea Index" by Jim Krause. Those of you who've studied graphic design will be familiar with this author from the layout, color, etc. Index books hes written. The "Index" isn't a substitute for instruction or practice, and I wouldn't recommend it to a complete beginner, but it does give some great tips and idea for anyone looking to refresh their photography with some new tricks. I've only reread the first chapter so far, and I've already come up with several exercises for myself to try.

One of them being Angle-of-View (Point of View, Perspective). Basically, one way to keep your photos interesting is to photograph your subject from an unexpected angle. Often this is as simple as looking at your subject from above or below instead of straight on. Sometimes even moving a few feet can have a big impact. I looked through my past photos and found some examples where my view point had a dramatic impact, and I feel greatly improved the final photo. The photos in the above mosaic were some of the ones I found; Some are shot from above, some below, and others required me to get down on the ground.

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