Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pattern Photos

I recently took part in a swap for photos of patterns. These are some photos that I've taken over the last few years.
Branching Pattern of a tree in front of repetative pattern in architecture
Temple Square, SLC, UT, January 2006

Algae in a Tidal Pool, Massachusetts Coast, September 2006

Birch Trees create vertical lines behind river rocks
White Mountain National Forest, NH October 2006

This photo has been altered to achee a desired color result
White Mountain National Forest, NH October 2006

Snow covered topiaries, Boston Public Garden, February 2007

repetative pattern in flowers of varying heights
Norolk Botanica Garden, VA, October 2007

Ripples in the Sand
Kiptopeke State Park, VA, October 2007

Bald Cypress Trees, "cypress knees" spring up from the root system
First Landing State Park, VA, November 2007


  1. I love your photographs. I also participated in this swap.