Wednesday, August 14, 2013

52 Photos Project: Unusual and Uncommon

IMG_1195, originally uploaded by Scarlett Design.

Unfortunately, what's unusual for me right now is getting out of the house at all. After 2 months were still getting settled in the new house, and the weather has been so humid we haven't explored the area much. Fortunately, thanks to some thunderstorms this week, we've actually gotten some cooler weather, and today I was able to get my dogs out for a decent walk. We went to Flanners Beach, on the Nuese River, in the Croatan National Forest. It was a very pretty area, all fresh and green from all the rain we've gotten this week. And the beach was interesting too, just a narrow stretch of sand along the river with cypress trees almost down to the water.


  1. Great photo. Glad you were able to finally get out and explore :)

  2. i have to agree it's a beautiful place. :)

    participated in the 52photosproject, too! ---> unusual and uncommon, for me, at least. :)