Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Life February 2013

Yes, I do know that March is almost over. And so, a month later, here are my project life pages for the month of February.

Feb 4-10
Trader Joe's Caramel Chai
Walking on my beach on a rainy day
Walking at Munden Point
Thinking about moving, I hope it works out, but 6 weeks later everything seems to be moving awfully slowly. Everyone keeps telling me to have patience.

Feb 11-17
Week of Valentines Day
Oddly uninspiring walk at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, I guess I just had other things on my mind.

Feb 18-24
Spotting signs of spring!
Walking on my beach
Chewie and Panzer, keeping me company while I work.
Things I want to see before I leave Virginia Beach if we do end up moving

Feb 25-March 3
Full Moon this week
Walking on Beaches, both in my neighborhood, and nearby at First Landing State Park

I've always loved tide pools, they make such interesting shapes as they drain towards the ocean.
  "So many possibilities for the imagination. Taking a closer look at shape, lines, gaps. Not taking a single portion of the beach for granted, finding the new in all of it.
-Rachel Carson