Wednesday, February 6, 2013


  We do occasionally get snow here in Virginia Beach, only once or twice a year, and usually only a few inches (in six years the most snow I've seen on the ground here was 6", and it shut down the city for a week). A couple weekends ago we got our first, and possibly only snowfall this winter. So I grabbed my camera and my dogs and headed down to MacKay Island NWR. The marsh looked beautiful with a dusting of snow.

  A great blue heron, normally they are quite skittish, but on the drive home I realized that for some reason they weren't as scared of the car as they were of me on foot. This one let observe him from only about 25 feet way and across a frozen creek, even seeming to parade around and pose for pictures.

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  1. OMG, I adore Blue Herons! this is such an awesome shot. What a great treat to be able to sit and watch one so close up.