Monday, January 28, 2013

52 Photos Project: Black and White

  This week 52 photos project was "Black and White," and was actually kind of difficult for me. I had the opportunity to go hiking in the Mojave Desert last week, and I was all excited about my colorful photos of brilliant orange sandstone against a blue sky. This was an interesting dilemma for me, since I had started shooting in B&W, way back in the days of film, and for years worried about not factoring color into my composition. But I tried to remember Ansel Adams and be inspired by all his beautiful black and white photos. So, I looked through my pictures and tried to find one that worked in B&W, and was surprised that several did, while others were definitely less dramatic.

Which do you like best, the black and white or the color version?


  1. Both are wonderful, but I really do prefer the black and white this time. The photograph, in either colorway, has such clarity. I think you did very well in being Ansel Adamsesque. =) He's my photography hero. I love the Mojave *almost* as much as the Sonoran Desert.

  2. can not choose ... both are stunning!

  3. Definitely like the color version the best... I think I just always do though. Colors are just so pretty. I think there are very few photos out in the world that would look better in black and white than in color...

  4. I love them both. They are both so individually dramatic.
    The color is amazing - the b & w is too.
    Thank you for sharing.