Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Snowy Mountains

I promise this is my last post about Montana. But it is just so pretty! Usually I hate it when others do not properly edit their vacation photos, but I find myself guilty of just that now. Typically I keep less than a quarter of the photos I take, but I found it difficult to be that ruthless when it came to editing photos from this trip. Everywhere I looked was beautiful, and it really did seem difficult to take a bad photo.
View from the deck. Every morning we would wake up to this view, and have a few leisurely cups of coffee or hot chocolate. Our first day there we did very little except relax and look at the mountains. It was great, and especially relaxing because there was no cell phone reception.
The mountains really do seem to rise straight up from the plains. This is only about 5 miles from the mountains, and it is clearly incredibly flat.
A bluebird. I had never seen one before, and it really was the most amazingly bright shade of blue.

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