Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little Bighorn Canyon

  Last month I drove almost across the country, to Montana. I drove from here out to St Louis, where Jon's company is located, and then we drove to Judith Gap, MT together. All together it was four days of driving each way, but worth it. One of the places we stopped was Bighorn Canyon, on the Little Bighorn River. Its beautiful. The Orange rock contrasts beautifully with the blue water, and its massive.

We had planned on camping here for the night, but the campground sucked. Basically a glorified parking lot with a composting toilet. There are several other campgrounds in the park, all free, but accessed from the south entrance, they might not suck. Also there was another campground on the north end of the Canyon that had recently been redone. In a few years when the trees have had time to grow it might be nice too.

The battle of Little Bighorn National Monument is only about an hour north of the canyon, here are some photos I took of it several years ago. Its very interesting if you enjoy history, and a pretty grassland to look at if you don't.

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