Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Life in Instagram, August 2- 15

Top Row:
Chewie honking away on a new duck (Panzer destroyed his old duck)
Pretty sky after a storm
Crocheted Mitt, a new design I've been working on

Middle Row:
Rio, a local ska band
The Fabulous Flea Market Band. I don't go to shows often, which I did, but when I was bored and a friend invited me to hear a Norwegian Folk/Punk/Bluegrass Band I couldn't resist. It was a FUN night.
Chewie, looking extra cute as he begs for meat scraps

Bottom Row:
Malabar Spinach, one of the few things doing well in my garden this year
Vintage ferris wheel on the boardwalk
Steak, tomato salad, and grilled summer squash from my own garden

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  1. Instagram is fun! What's your name over there?