Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sweet Escape

I've recently discovered 52 Photos Project. Every week there is a new theme, and this weeks is "A Sweet Escape." I chose my beach. It is right down the street, and I walk here often, but don't often bring my camera with me.
I really like the idea of this. The weekly themes will hopefully help me to push my creativity, and photograph some different subjects. Also its similar to Project 365, but alot more manageable. Although taking a photo everyday was difficult sometimes (like on a rainy day spent in work, again) it was the time required to download, edit, and blog everyday that derailed me.
Next week: "This is my home."


  1. How lucky to have this spot just down the street! I want to be there right now.

  2. Beautiful photo! I am in landlocked Nebraska--would love to have a beach just down the street.