Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is Almost Here

Its the beginning of March, and I've been making some new stuff, trying to get the garden ready for planting, and generally just looking forward to spring.
59/365: My Sea Urchin. I really had fun making the nudibranch, so I decided to make more sea creatures. Any sugggestions for what I should make next?

60/365: March Calendar. After making my own block prints I'm even more impressed by these

61/365: Bok Choy. While I was away in February, my bok choy bolted. The flowers are surprisingly pretty.

My spring birds. I made these to decorate my pussy willow tree.

67/365: A camellia in the woods at the Chesapeake Arboretum. This park had some nice trails, but you could see nearby homes, and hear traffic.

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  1. I love that sea urchin! I looked back for the nudibranch too - that is super cool! I got my scuba diving certification last summer, so since then I've been really interested in everything aquatic - I got a really neat book called Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, which could or may have inspired your crochet creatures as well!

    How about this guy:

    There's cuter pictures if you google it. :)