Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I can't believe October is almost over. Its been a busy month here, with a few trips and the usual demands to play hostess (I don't mind though). I haven't actually finished any new projects recently, alot in progress but nothing completed. I did add several new items to Scarlett Made in the last few months. And I've started working on a new holiday design for Scarlett Design, which I hope to finish by this weekend. And I've been fighting what seems like a losing battle with some bugs in my garden as I try to get some more fall veggies in the ground by this weekend.
Here are some photos from one of the 2 trips I took this month, to visit my family in Massachusetts. As you can see the trees were starting to turn color, but the foliage hadn't really popped yet. I love the picture of the lilypads, with the brightly colored leaves floating in the water and the reflection of trees in the background.