Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365

*** I actually wrote this post and another before going away for a few days, so I could publish them while I was gone. But I was so busy I completely forgot until I got home.

87/365: My peeps
88/365: Some crocheted, then felted baskets/bowls

89/365: The notebooks I've been experimenting with making. I was going to try and sew the binding, but decided the stapled binding was just as good, and less time consuming.

90/365: I had to do some boring photo work for my boyfriend, and just wasn't motivated to take any other photos
91/365: Another shot of the sunrise reflected in the wet sand

92-93/365: Took the holiday weekend off
94/365: Some newly planted ground cover at Red Wing Park. The "spots" made me smile.


  1. The crocheted bowls are great and so are the notebooks!

    Stopped by from your promotion thread.

  2. Wow, nice stuff! Now I feel like I need to get motivated!

  3. I love the designs of the notebooks...are they created on the computer, then printed on paper?

    Yes stapled-binding is very cheap and fast. I think it's very appropriate for those notebooks.

  4. I love your notebooks. I'll remember the stapling when I make them.

  5. Yes, the illustrations were created digitally, then printed on cardstock for the cover.