Friday, December 11, 2009

My First Craft Fair

Last Sunday I participated in a Craft Fair for the first time.

One of the things I did right were having a multi level display. I didn't remember my camera, so I have no photos, but I have a great "tree" made out of twisted PVC pipe with lights and felt covering it. It was definitely a conversation piece and brought many people to my table.

Unfortunately, I didn't sell much, but I still feel the event was a positive learning experience. I should have bought more of a variety with me. Mostly I had stationery with me, I think some illustrations would have been good to bring, and a few more expensive items to have a wider price range. I think part of the reason for slow sales was that people didn't come to the event to shop; It was a bimonthly event at the Contemporary Art Center designed to get families into the galleries and expose children to creating art, and this was the first time they had a craft fair/art show at the same time. I enjoyed speaking with potential customers, and got good feedback on my designs, and I may be doing consignment in their gift shop in the future.

Probably I will do this fair in the future, because I think its a good event to be a part of.

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