Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall in Virginia Beach

This weekend I bought a polarizing filter for my camera, to make the colors pop when I photograph the fall foliage. Unfortunately, the rain came 8 hrs earlier than forecasted, so although we were still able to take our walk/hike at a nearby state park, I left my camera in the truck. Today, I finally go to go play with my new toy at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day. Nice blue skies and very comfortable temperature for walking in. As many times as I've been there, I always feel like I see something new.

We don't get the brilliant colors here that are seen in New England, but there were some very pretty views around "Mirror Lake"

A flock of geese that tolerated me hovering around them.

Ornamental grasses catching the sunlight

Bright red Virginia Creeper

I think this is my favorite shot from today. There were some wires around the base of the tree, which interfered in taking a picture of the whole tree, but they forced me to get more creative and shoot it from a different angle.

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  1. Your photographs are stunning !
    I especially love the ornemental grass !

    Best from Paris,
    x x x