Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Illustrations

Today I want to share some of my illustrations.
The first is a digital illustration I made years go in Art School, and I've always loved it. The assignment was to take a subject from one photo, and a background from another photo, and merge the two in an original illustration. I think I worked on this every afternoon for a few weeks, but it was worth the effort. I think this is the first drawing I made using the Illustrator program that I was really happy with.

Right now I have this available a fine art print in my etsy, but I'm planning on making it into greeting cards as well.
The next illustration is one that I'm currently working on.

This one is a hand drawn ink illustration. So far I'm pleased with it, but its taking a long time, and I keep having to buy new pens because they die on me. . Sometimes I hit mental block, because I'm not sure what to fill the space with. I want to keep with the celestial theme and fill the entire space.
It was inspired by Ephrain Mose Lilien's Illustration to Genesis, done in 1908. I know many people don't like Art Nouveau, but I love all the curve-linear lines and nature inspired themes.

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