Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I finished a few things I meant to share last week, but then I lost my internet connection for a few days, and with the truck engine dying, and some unexpected guests for Easter I just never got around to it. First, my Marlene Socks

This is the first pair of really nice socks I've made for myself, and I love them. I pretty much followed the pattern, with some adjustments around the foot for gauge, and I decreased at the toe to avoid using kitchner stitch. I used Fibranatura's Yummy Superwash Wool.
Next is a Louisa Harding purse.

I didn't do a very good job following the pattern, mostly because I didn't do a very good job reading the directions. But I'm really happy with the result, and thats all that really matters. I liked the styling in the pattern photo, but felt it was a little "granny" and then saw another similar Louisa Harding purse with much trendier styling, so I decided to go for something in between. Because I am neither granny nor cool. I used Paton's Bamboo Silk, and then made a lining with some brown cotton and attatched a pair of bamboo handles I've had for years, but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with yet. Then I added a velvet ribbon and some pins. The ladybug pin used to be my grandmother's.
I also finished making my "Fern Frond" illustration into cards to put in my Scarlett Design Etsy shop. Again, I'm very pleased with how the finished item turned out.

And finally, a project that isn't completed but that I just started.
I got Alabama Chanin's book last spring, and I've been meaning to make some clothes with old T shirts, just never got around to it. Then I saw some of her Spring 2009 collection. And its beautiful, but definitely out of my budget. So I finally began a skirt. So far I love it, I don't often handsew anymore, so its kind of nice to do things differently for a change.

I have a few more photos of these, but I'm tired, so I won't be adding them to flickr until tomorrow.

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