Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cherry Blossom Notebook

New item in my Scarlett Design etsy shop!
For a while I've been wanting to experiment with using iron on transfers to put my photos and illustrations on other items. Today I finished making 2 notebooks covers decorated with this photo I took last year at the Cherry Blossom festival in DC. 
I'm really happy with how these came out. At first I was afraid the colors would be distorted or too pale, or that the iron-on transfer would peel off easily. But it worked beautifully. Also, I used a textured fabric and lace, so there are many layers of texture in the finished item. And many of the supplies were things I had on hand, except the transfer, so I didn't have to buy more stuff. The cover fabric I bought a few years ago to make a skirt, but then I got a white skirt as a gift, so I never used the fabric. Now, I love the look of it under the transfer.

I also made this 4x6 mixed media collage this morning, from my Queen Anne illustration, using more materials I had on hand. This wont be in my Scarlett Design etsy shop until tomorrow.

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