Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring is Almost Here

The last several days have been rather stressful. My boyfrined and I are in the process of trying to adopt cute little German shepherd from the pound. The stressful part is waiting 10 days to find out if the bad owners claimed it (who waits 10 days to look for their dog?). And of course I'm worried about how Chewie will handle it, and how the two dogs will get along. But this dog looked so sad when we went to see him on Friday, and because the pound was closed yesterday and today, I have had to wait an extra day- twice! We even have a bed, dishes, leashes for him, and my boyfriend really likes him, and has already picked out a name for him.
And then I noticed this paperwhite in my living room getting ready to bloom, and it made me feel a little better. I'm afraid my photo doesn't do it justice, but the delicate shades of green and the structure of the plant are just beautiful.
My little paperwhite cheered my up so much that I decided to go for a walk at a nearby park, where the daffodils were in bloom (they were grown inside and recently transplanted).
My favorite part of the park is a short wooded trail. And as I looked up I noticed little red buds on some of the tree branches.
Also, I have a new obsession: Sock knitting. I'm quite surprised by this. You see, I made a pair of socks several years ago, but nver had any desire to make more. Then I made a pair for each of my parents this Christmas, and everyone loved them. Which is great, because even the difficult to knit for people on my list wear socks. And my grandfather only needs so many knitted golf club covers. I also love the intricate patterns and beautiful colors, and I've discovered that a ziploc with my needles, yarn and pattern fits nicely in my bag all day.
The finished sock above is Cookie A's Marlene sock from the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of knit.1, made with Yummy, from fibranatura. Because I decided I needed a beautiful pair of handknit socks for myself.
And now, because my boyfriend isn't home tonight, I'm going to watch several of my favorite pretty movies, starting with "Pride and Predjudice." And then "Fringe" because the cute old man makes me laugh.

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