Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project Runway

I'm a fan of Project Runway (I really want Christian to be eliminated), but I had some doubts about the Simplicity patterns. They seem trendier than clothes I would normally wear, and not the same shape I would normally wear either. Then again, do I really need another empire waist sundress (always!!)? But I tried one of the PR patterns anyways, mostly because patterns were 5 for $5, and I always need another minidress. I decided that the lack of waist and bust shaping in this dress would be made up for by its shortness.

This dress was easy to make, and once the fabric and pattern were prepped, it really only took one night to finish. Despite its simplicity, it has some great details.
Gathering at the bust

Notice that I've actually topstitched around the neck and pocket. I used to skip this step, but recently I'm loving the finished look it gives homemade clothes, although I kind of like the homemade look, just as long as it isn't messy. For the short amount of time it takes, topstiching is definitely worth the extra effort. Also, I put the bodice/neck together slightly differently than according to the directions; instead of sewing the armholes last, and finishing with bias tape, I sewed around the neck and armholes first, then trimmed my seam allowances and turned the garment right side out, before sewing my shoulder seams. So the topstiching serves the function of holding the seam allowances down, as well as being pretty.
Supercute pocket

Also, I love that they insert this template for designing into the pattern, which would be very helpful for new sewers, although this pattern may be a little difficult (but not impossible) for beginners. Overall, I'm very happy with this dress, only beacause the dress is slightly tapered, its a little tight, but not unflattering on my butt. This is probably because its a juniors pattern (or I need to work out more often). But I can easily adjust that the next time I make this pattern.
Another reason I love this pattern, it that it gives options. You could actually make a longsleeved dress with pockets! There are two neckline variations, several sleeve variations, two options for pockets, and some variations you would make your self would be very easy, suck as lengthening the dress, or making the skirt untapered. Not like some patterns with "six" options, which include adding lace, a ruffle, or bias tape.

Check out my new fabrics! Sometimes a sale just doesn't result in my saving money. I'm thinking that since I've already binged on fabrics, and my stash is getting rather large, perhaps this would be a good time to take the wardrobe refashion pledge.
I'm thinking a skirt from the green, and a sundress from the white boarderprint, and that adorable baby pink with flowers is going to be some pjs/lingerie. I'm not sure what to do with the asian print yet.

I'm thinking maybe I should redo my living room with the blue and brown geometric print, and the coordinationg flowers, you saw how good it looked with the yellow walls. Is it a bad idea to match your clothes to the furniture? Maybe just some pillows, coasters, placemats, napkins, etc.

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