Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Flickr

Happy New Year!!
Sorry I was absent for most of the December. I was so busy with crafting gifts for the holidays that time just got away from me.
I do have some excellent news though, Scarlett Design is now on Flickr!!

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  1. re: spiralmail

    you're quite welcome, for the cards and for posting your art. i always enjoy sharing mail art that i recieve.

    i do have some stuff on flickr (http://flickr.com/photos/spiralvision/). i just use it because i used to have a yahoo photo account until they switched me to flickr. i don't like it as much, and the free version is pretty small but you can see some of my stuff there. i checked out your blog. the seashell pictures are fun. when i was in florida in 2000 (where i grew up) i collected a ton of shells. i've made some interesting things with them and i potographed them, but no creative photos to match yours!